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The range of Bitzer Compressors we can offer:

Bitzer 4NFCY / 4PFCY with or without unloading head

Bitzer 6NFCY with or without unloading head

Bitzer F400Y

Bitzer F600Y

Production Specification

4NFCY/4PFCY  Compressor

Bitzer 4NFCY/4PFCY Compressor is Necessary for Bus HVAC 
Well-known Bitzer compressor is the core parts of bus air conditioning, thanks to high efficiency, good quality and good refrigeration in bus HVAC industry, Bitzer 4NFCY Compressor is mainly suitable for the Yutong & King Long Bus air conditioning which mounted on the rooftop or rear of 8.5 meters - 12meters bus and double-decker bus.

Features of Bitzer 4NFCY/4PFCY Compressor 
Bitzer 4NFCY/4PFCY Compressor for various Bus Air Conditioner 
1. Original Bitzer brand compressor 
2. Ensuring maximum cooling capacity for bus air conditioning with1450rpm
3. Match various types of clutch
4. Long service life thanks to high reliability and durable in BITZER quality
5. High efficiency and high smooth running dut to dynamical mass compensation
6. Minimal oil emissions owing to the internal oil separator.

Application of Bitzer 4NFCY/4PFCY compressor 
Bitzer 4NFCY/4PFCY compressor is used  for bus air conditioning, to refrigerate or cool the driver cab or bus passenger compartment, make sure traveller have a confortable climate by bus. Bitzer 4NFCY/4PFCY compressor is the heart of  bus cooling system, hence how to choose a suitable bus HVAC compressor is most important for your bus manufacturer or mini bus factory.

Clutch Application for Bitzer 4NFCY/4PFCY Compressor
Clutch is very important compressor parts, which is widely used in bus air refrigeration system. JJQY supplies commenly magnetic clutch used in Bizter Compressor for bus HVAC industry.

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